Cooking in the Florida Heat

Cooking in the Florida Heat
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Homemade Vanilla-Honey Butter!

Vanilla-Honey Butter
When I was a very young child I remember the milk man delivering fresh milk to us in glass bottles. Back then there was no such thing as day care. Most mother's stayed home and raised their children. Fresh vegetables and casseroles were typical for dinner along with a dinner roll and real butter. Ok, so you've figured out that I've passed the half century mark a while ago. There is a point to this, I promise. During my lifetime I've seen Mother's go off to work and real food be replaced with processed foods all in the name of convenience. All of a sudden butter was the enemy and you should only eat margarine. Then fat wasn't good for you and you should eat low fat only. Imagine knowing that almost an entire lifetime was spent eating the wrong foods. Why? Because they made a mistake.

Butter is a good fat and it's so easy to make! Once made you can flavor it any way you like or leave it plain.

Butter remains after I pour off milky liquid
You can make it with a butter churn, a food processor or like I did with my high speed blender!

Heavy Whipping Cream (Don't use ultra pasteurized)
Salt (optional)

Pour your cream into the blender but only fill half way up. I used my Vitamix on high speed. There may be times you'll need to stop the blender and stir the whipped cream back down. It didn't take long until I had thick globs of butter at the top of the mixture.  I poured the milky liquid through a strainer into a bowl and put the butter back into my Vitamix. Because I removed the fat from that milk I added the milk back into my milk bottle to be used to make yogurt later.

Cold water was added to the butter in the Vitamix half way up the blender jar and blended on high for a minute. I poured the cloudy water out over a strainer into the sink. It's important to rinse the butter. I repeated the process twice more.

Fresh plain butter - unsalted

There will be water trapped in the butter and my way of working it out is to first put the butter into the fine mesh strainer and roll it back and forth by tilting the strainer while letting it drain. I do this over a bowl. Dump the water out of the bowl and put the butter into it and using a spatula, gently press the butter against the side of the bowl removing more water and draining it. I've also used cheese cloth to remove the water. You'll find what works best for you.

Once you're done, put the butter into a glass or stainless steel container. You can add a little salt at this time and work it in with a spatula if you like.

Or, you could make Vanilla-Honey Butter. I added 1/4 cup of Vanilla-Honey to my butter and used a spatula to work it in and then put it in the refrigerator. You can see the beautiful vanilla specks in my glorious fresh butter with the lovely vanilla and honey scent and taste.

Store in Glass or Stainless Steel Containers like this vintage piece. It's called a refrigerator dish and it's got a stainless steel lid as well.


  1. Would my kitchen aide work? I have a blender and a food processor too, but that kitchen aide was so expensive I would love to find another reason to use it. This recipe is mouth watering and I will be putting this one to use. Thank you again.

    1. If you're talking about a stand mixer, I honestly don't know. There's only one way to find out! Try it! :)

  2. I make my butter as well, but I use mixer to make it. It's so delicious! Never heard about adding honey or vanilla - it souds so delicious!!! I will try it next time I make butter.

  3. Mmmmm... great idea! Wish I was having some of this on a muffin with my coffee this mornging!

  4. Going shopping for groceries tomorrow....heavy cream on my list !! Gotta try this !!

  5. That looks so good! I know I'd be trying it on blueberry bagels first :) Yum!

    Stopping by from Full Plate Thurs

    1. Hi Sarah! You bring the blueberry bagels and I'll bring the vanilla honey butter! :)

  6. Hi Susan,
    There is nothing better than fresh butter and your method looks great! Your photo's are outstanding. Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  7. we did this at a girls camp for dinner. But used quart jars to put the heavy cream and salt. The girls sat in a circle and while shaking the jar they told one thing about themselves that no one would know, they would then past the jar to the next person and continue the shaking and telling. They were sad when the butter was done and wanted to "shake" more butter and talk! Amazing way to get to know fun and interesting facts about each other! Plus it really works! You have to shake for quite awhile but the end result is so wonderful!!! :)
    Butter Happy Camper

    1. Great food and even better memories! Wonderful story :)


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